Special Interest Population Analysis from the 2008 Census of Population and Housing

September 21, 2021

Population and Housing Census is the major source of demographic and social statistics in many developing countries including South Sudan. The Interim Constitution of Southern Sudan, 2005 demanded that the then Southern Sudan Centre for Census, Statistics and Evaluation conduct the Population and Housing Census by the end of the second year of the interim period. This was conducted in April, 2008. This was the first complete enumeration of the population of South Sudan. The data sets give us rich sources for analysis of many issues related to the population. Such issues are the conditions of the children, gender analysis, the disability in the country and the conditions of the older persons. These issues are the subjects of this report.

The report is expected to inform institutions working with these special interest groups of their conditions as in 2008.

It is the hope of the Bureau that managers of institutions working with these groups and policy makers make use of this report.


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